Kimberly Weir - Eagle Capital Financial Advisors

Kimberly Weir

Client Service Associate

Kimberly has enjoyed taking care of our clients for the past several years and is a valued member of our support staff. “I make our clients a priority,” says Kimberly. “In my experience, there are few places left that view their clients, customers or patrons as a priority – so my personal goal is to make sure our clients know that they are.”

As a personal motto, Kimberly believes in the golden rule of treating others as she would like to be treated, and that is the foundation for her everyday life. “I want to be the reason someone’s day goes better, and if I can do that in whatever capacity I am able, then that makes my day,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly joined our team in 2015 after working in banking for most of her professional career. She has been serving people with her exemplary work ethic and professionalism since attending Kilgore College’s office profession program.

“The financial services arena seemed like a natural direction when I decided to jump out from behind the teller line. I have always enjoyed how this job allows me to meet and get to know people in my community,” Kimberly says.